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1. Guide on exchange & refund due to simple change of mind

Warranty is covered within 15 days of original receipt of products.

Customer must pay the return shipping costs. 

(Note that REDBEAN company is located in Seoul, Korea)

In case of free shipping products, extra cost will be charged.

Below are the exceptions.

(1)Impossible to restore to the original state of packaging after opened

(2)missing of components (Package, products, manual, serial number and so on)

(3)Physical damage caused by consumer Carelessness

(4)Lost of goods value due to reckless, abusive damage

2. Guide on Limited Warranty covered at Self at Self defective product

(1)One year limited warranty after reception of products

(2)Free replacement within 15days, on the basis of receipt

(3)Free after sales service or Free replacement (Refubish/New product), after  15days.


Extra cost of delivery service will be charged if not applied,

received by REDBEAN Corp. When it's impossible, to replacement to 

new products, it can be substituted to Refurbish products, after notification.

Conditions can be different depending the website you purchased.

For more details, please ask directly to the site.

-> REDBEAN CORP (Amazon, Q10, Shopee, Lazada)

Unauthorized reselling of REDBEAN products is strictly prohibited

3. Do not hesitate to contact us